Ash of Gods from today is also in Italian

We receive and publish the official statement announcing the availability of Ash of Gods also in Italian.

AurumDust, the developer of Ash of Gods, award-winning role-playing game that has received a very positive reception from the community, is happy to announce that starting from June the title is also available in Italian.
The game was published last March 23 in English, Russian, Chinese, Ukrainian and German. Since the launch day to date, the game has been updated with numerous improvements and additions, including the Iron Man mode, which has made the game experience even more â € ~hardcore ‘, improved thanks to the continuous relationship with the community. In addition to this mode, there are numerous other content such as a “post-mortem” that reveals what happens to the characters at the end of their story, combat registers, portraits and dialogues to communicate in multiplayer mode, as well as several changes to the player mode balance. single.

Lots of news that make the title complete, and unmissable. It is therefore the best time to proceed with the purchase of the game!

The basic Ash of Gods game and the Digital Deluxe Edition, including the basic game, a digital art book, posters that can be printed, the Original Soundtrack and more, are already available on Steam, at a price of 22.99 € ¬ (Basic version) and 31.99 â,¬. Both versions are also available on GOG, discounted by 20%, for the Summer Sale promotion, priced at € 18.39 and € 25.59. The deep and layered world of Ash of Gods is waiting for you. The time has come to find out if the choices you make will be able to bring you and your company to success or, conversely, if they mean your ultimate defeat.

Ash of Gods is a turn-based role-playing game that presents a constantly evolving narrative full of risks that can greatly influence the gameplay, enriched by a substantial online competitive mode. The game is characterized by a story entirely based on complex and ambiguous moral choices that the user is called to make, aware that any leading character can die at any moment. A temporary advantage can cost the life of a character, as the sacrifice of one can facilitate the path of many during the following episodes. Ash of Gods is embellished by a winning mix composed of a beautiful art design, a seductive soundtrack, tactical combat and a deep story whose outcome depends on the choices that the player will make through a multiple dialog structure. Thanks to the different actions that each player can make during his / her adventure, there will not be any possibility that an Ash of Gods match can be equal to the next one.
KEY CHARACTERISTICS OF ASH OF GODS: “Roguelike” Narration: The words you choose to use during a dialogue, the roads you choose to travel through and the battles you fight have a real effect on history and the world around you.
Competitive Multiplayer: Take on other players and compete to reach top positions in the leaderboards. Unlock new characters, powerups and cards to deeply modify your tactics and adapt them to your style of play.
AI Intelligent: able to learn new tactics to face you as the game continues. There is no single strategy or winning formation against an artificial intelligence that studies your style of play!
Drawings made meticulously by hand & # 8203 ;: The graphic style of the game is inspired by the work of Ralph Bakshi, the Disney “old school” cartoons and the artistic production of the Soviet animation studio “Soyuzmultfilm” of the 60s. The animations of the characters during the combat scenes were made using actors and using the motion capture technique.
A new tactical-strategic approach: A role-playing game that mixes cards and tactical turn-based combat, where the cards themselves determine your strategy and the character classes establish the moves you will need to take on the battlefield.

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