A new gameplay video for Project REsistance

In recent weeks, we have seen the announcement of Project REsistance , the new spin-off of the Resident Evil series signed by Capcom. In a video, the Japanese company showed about ten minutes of gameplay, in which we can see how the mechanics of this new multiplayer experience will work.

The game is an asymmetric online horror game in which 1 vs 4 will be played: on one side there will be the so-called Mastermind , while the other four will be survivors who will try to escape from the pitfalls of first. All of this, obviously set in the universe of the series.

The peculiarity lies in the fact that the character Mastermind will not be able to directly attack the others: it will instead watch through the monitors the behavior and the reactions of the other four to the traps and the pitfalls that it will place. You can see everything more closely in the embed video just above.

You can find all the details on the closed beta of the game directly on the official website. Capcom, we recall, has also ensured that there will be offline mechanics, which we are waiting to find out in detail.

What are your expectations for this spin-off?

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