A first corrective patch for WWE 2K20

Wrestling fans, virtual and not, in recent days have had to contend with the bitter debut of WWE 2K20 , which as we told you in our review was launched while plagued by a series of heavy technical problems, which compromise the experience. This has obviously not gone quietly, becoming a veritable catchphrase on social media, with publisher 2K spreading a first corrective patch today, 1.02, which tries to put a patch on some of the defects found.

Among the aspects affected by this update:

  • Gameplay improvements and controls
  • Graphics and clipping improvements
  • Hair Physics
  • Improved interactions between wrestlers and settled hits
  • Improvement for interactions with objects such as tables and stairs
  • Improvement for referee actions
  • Improve your fighters’ income and looks
  • Improved movements
  • Fix for “teleporting” characters
  • Sound improvement
  • Improved online stability
  • Improved crash and freeze cases

We’ll see if these improvements will be able to stabilize the situation, offering players of WWE 2K20 the experience they hoped for, in the company of their favorite ring favorites.

Source: VGC

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