Zelda or Smash Bros. coming to mobile in 2020?

According to analyst Serkan Toto of Kantan Games, Nintendo is preparing to launch “a big name” as the next mobile game.

” I expect another hit franchise from the company on mobile in 2020, for example an app of Zelda or Smash Bros. co-developed with a new partner “, explained Toto.

This is because “Nintendo has not yet announced what will come after Mario Kart Tour for smart devices”, but certainly the company will not leave a branch that has proved so prolific in recent years.

In October alone, Mario Kart Tour grossed over 30 million dollars, and therefore it seems unlikely that the platform owner may exit the segment.

This does not mean, however, that things can change in the future: the Big N would have asked partners, like DeNa, to reduce the amount of microtransactions in its mobile games.

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