Zelda, fans already know which game they would NOT ever want a movie from

The positive reaction of fans to Super Mario Bros. – The Movie may have convinced Nintendo to push the accelerator hard on adaptations to cinemas , again in collaboration with Illumination, to perhaps try to make a film about The Legend of Zelda in the future.

The series with Link has often been at the center of fans’ wishes about possible adaptations on the big screen, with the Big N who could choose to ride the success of Breath of the Wild (you can find it on Amazon) for a hypothetical feature film.

After the last and epic video of Tears of the Kingdom shown on the occasion of the event on April 13th, we continue to talk about Zelda, but perhaps on the big screen.

As ​​also reported by The Gamer, in fact, fans have expressed about the games they would like to see as inspiration for a The Legend of Zelda movie, but categorically excluding one in particular.

On ResetEra, a thread launched a poll about a possible Zelda movie. The question asked to the players did not concern a particular game, but the general style of a possible adaptation.

“What ‘style’ would you like for a The Legend of Zelda movie?”

, he wondered. The options indicated how Nintendo has varied the visual look of the series over the years, with several titles choosing a more realistic or more stylized style.

There were two choices: a “serious” style, like that of Twilight Princess or Breath of the Wild, or a “cartoonish” style, like that of Wind Waker.

However, the survey managed to attract a fair number of votes and the majority of voters chose the serious style, with 60.7% taking sides strong> of a more realistic looking Link.

Out of 183 voters, 111 opted for the serious style, while only 72 voted in favor of the cartoon style (39.3%). It therefore goes without saying that fans do not want that a game like Zelda The Wind Waker be brought to the big screen, with a film that imitates its style. We’ll see if Nintendo will listen to the fans, if anything should confirm a movie about Zelda.

While waiting to hear more, a new live-action TV spot for Tears of the Kingdom showed never-before-seen images of the game.

But that’s not all: the sequel has been shown again for a few days, but perhaps Nintendo forgot to show something of the title.

Finally, have you read the name of the voice actor who will give his voice to the revived Ganondorf in the new chapter of the Zelda series?

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