Zelda Breath of The Wild, here is an “explosive” way to extend the flight

The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild is undoubtedly one of the fundamental titles for every Nintendo Switch owner, and years after new secrets continue to emerge as they have been unearthed by the most attentive players.

Link’s latest adventure allows us to explore a world full of novelties regarding the gameplay of the Nintendo franchise, usually very tied to tradition.

The game guarantees absolute freedom of approach: from the very beginning we will be able to decide to face the final boss, whose location will be clearly visible on the map, making space among the witty enemies that populate the kingdom of Hyrule.

There are some details on how our hero can interact with the game world (and not only thanks to the Sheikah tablet): a fan has in fact discovered a curious technique to “ride ”The barrels.

Now, thanks to a video shared on Reddit by a fan, it is possible to discover a new trick to extend the duration (and increase the speed) of the flight.

During a glide with the Paravela , the user Devran_Cakici was able to exploit the bombs to extend the distance traveled.

Just learned wind-bombing and did this cool heist today from Breath_of_the_Wild

As we can see, by throwing the explosives and equipping immediately after the arc , we will be able to take advantage (thanks to the slow motion associated with the weapon) of an additional time that will allow us to wait for the explosion.

After the detonation , selecting the Paravela again, we will find ourselves flying faster and we will be able to cover a greater distance.

This is an undoubtedly interesting technique, which can be used at the cost of sacrificing a few hearts .

The explosion of the bombs, in fact, will negatively affect Link’s health , subtracting an entire unit from the life bar.

If you are planning to try this interesting method, we recommend that you have a good stock of Vivax Potions before testing the new enhanced glides in The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild .

Equally “explosive” discoveries have arrived in recent days: a gamer has found a way to avoid falling damage using the same Sheikah technology shown in the video.

The curiosities are not only about the arsenal and the various ways in which it can be exploited, but also the real world of Hyrule. Climbing on the roof of the house in the Finterra village, it will be possible to come across a curious detail.

While waiting for good news from Nintendo on Breath of The Wild 2 , you can pass the wait (hopefully short) by taking a look at the 8-bit demake of the first chapter, in full Gameboy Color style.

Did you love The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild? You can give the prequel a chance by taking advantage of the Amazon price tag on Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity .

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