You may have forgotten, but Biomutant should have been released on Switch as well

It’s been a while since Biomutant , a title that caused quite a stir because players had uploaded a lot of hype about it, while it eventually turned out a title so-so.

The THQ Nordic project, which you can find on Amazon, went through a fairly troubled development but, in the end, it managed to present itself to the players.

The title also received the proverbial update next-gen for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S not long ago, against all odds.

And, in case you forgot, Biomutant it seemed it should also have been released on Nintendo Switch , as we discovered three years ago.

As VGC reports, a Nintendo Switch version of Biomutant has popped up online, out of nowhere.

While not officially announced as coming to Nintendo , the Portuguese retailer Gaming Replay showcased a Switch version of Biomutant .

With an alleged release date set for October 25 , after the original launch in May 2021, in a very busy period for the Nintendo console and the gaming market in general.

Although this type of leak is often true now , it should always be taken with a grain of salt while waiting for an official announcement.

It wouldn’t be too strange an announcement, considering that Nintendo Switch is the preferred platform for relaunching past video games or second chances.

For example, Nier Automata will arrive soon on Nintendo Switch , in a new publication that will bring the work to a new audience of fans.

But Biomutant , then, was it really the flop we all think? The official answer removes any doubt in the end.

If you are waiting for the possible Switch version, before buying it, we recommend that you retrieve our review, to discover strengths and weaknesses of this post apocalyptic kung fu fairy tale.

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