Yes, this time Lara Croft is really coming back

It was 2018 when Shadow of the Tomb Raider brought us face to face with the closure of the Lara Croft origins trilogy , in a trip to South America that saw the most famous archaeologist in video games grappling with new pitfalls and determined to finally become the looter of tombs we all love.

Since then, we know that the franchise has gone on hiatus and that Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal , who signed the episodes of the trilogy, have been busy with other commitments, such as those on Marvel’s Avengers and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy , respectively.

This, however, doesn’t mean there isn’t a future for Lara Croft . Indeed, Crystal Dynamics, which recently revealed that it is also involved in the Perfect Dark project with The Initiative, an Xbox first-party studio, continues to launch clues about the next Tomb Raider , which should merge the new Lara with the old Lara from the original games in some way.

The evolution of Lara Croft in the origins trilogy

If on the occasion of the announcement of the works with The Initiative the team had specified that it was also involved «on Tomb Raider», although at the moment no new game has been announced, this time it is a direct job announcement to suggest that the new Lara Croft is already moving, albeit in the shadows.

As evidenced by the The Gamer website, in fact, Crystal Dynamics is looking for a lighting artist with specific skills: he must be able to give the game he will work on “A cinematic aspect like those of the reboot of Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider” , that is the two games of the trilogy signed by the team.

The reference cannot be casual: why specifically mention Lara’s series, if you were working on something else? We do not know exactly how many clues are needed, in this case, to give it a try, but all the ones we have suggest that beyond the updates and news coming for Avengers , which will soon welcome (finally) the beloved Spider-Man, Crystal Dynamics is ready to send the tenacious Lara Croft back into action.

The origins trilogy has seen its debut since 2013 : in the first game, simply Tomb Raider , a very young Lara fresh from studies found herself shipwrecked with her team and his friends on the island of Yamatai, struggling with a disturbing cult and how difficult it is to be the person others are counting on to survive.

In Rise of the Tomb Raider , however, Lara was facing some ghosts after spending time in Yamatai, while she was trying to uncover mysteries in the cold of Siberia and had to face her own roots as well. . In Shadow of the Tomb Raider , finally, it was the turn of the reckoning, with the closure of the horizontal narratives of the trilogy and Lara called to definitively test her maturity.

We’ll see where the next episode takes her: for now, we wait for it to be announced, then we’ll indulge in telling you everything.

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