Yes, The Legend of Zelda LEGO set is finally official

After imagining it and trembling for our wallets, the LEGO set of The Legend of Zelda has finally arrived: it’s called Big Deku Tree 2-in-1 and it is, obviously, beautiful.\r\nIt had happened many times to hear talk about a set of Danish bricks dedicated to the Nintendo saga, but there had never been a confirmation and, according to what LEGO showed today, everyone has always gone far from what was the definitive proposal. \r\nAs you can see from the official website, the iconic tree also present in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (you can find it on Amazon) is a beautiful tribute for fans.\r\nThe Great Deku Tree 2-in -1 is a set that, as the name suggests, can be assembled in two ways, depending on how you want to display your latest shopping.\r\n\r\nFor fans of Ocarina of Time, the Deku tree is the one the child Link meets at the beginning of his adventure. The first dungeon of the Nintendo 64 masterpiece comes to life in the form of bricks with a faithful reconstruction, complete with baby Link minifigures, carnivorous plants and other dangers. But not only because, in this setup, there is also a small reconstruction of Link’s equally small house.\r\nFor those who love the Deku tree from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom, the LEGO set tinges the leaves of the rose tree and also includes the minifigure of Princess Zelda, complete with Link in his iconic blue dress, with Supreme Sword and Hylian Shield.\r\nA beautiful set to say the least which, as happens with sets under license, it is offered at a decidedly demanding price.\r\nThe Big Deku Tree 2-in-1 can be pre-ordered now on the LEGO website, at a price of €299.99.\r\nThe expense is certainly not simple and, as has happened on other occasions such as that of Sonic, it is likely that LEGO will decide to expand the collection with other sets in the future.

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