Yes, Final Fantasy XIV has indeed come to its conclusion

Final Fantasy XIV was an emblem of video games in the current historical moment, with a story behind it that is probably unique and that, now, it’s come to an end.

The title also represented a notable expansion of the Final Fantasy lore, with artbooks and products expressly dedicated to the MMORPG ( found on Amazon).

The online episode of the final fantasy has been updated many times, with a very complete and assiduous support from the development team.

And while, lately, Final Fantasy XIV he was even hit by hackers, he became so famous, now Square Enix is ​​starting to talk about the future, and the end of the MMORPG.

The statements reported by The Gamer give confirmation of what will happen in the final phase of Final Fantasy XIV.

After the relaunch in 2013 and a constant flow of content and expansions that have made FFXIV a completely different title than it presented at launch.

The title has become one of the largest and most played MMOs on the entire market, also and above all thanks to the support of Square Enix. Endwalker, the latest expansion released in December 2021, broke the game’s concurrent user record on Steam, for example.

Now, however, the situation is decidedly different and, together with the publication of the not too flattering financial results of Square Enix, the momentum for FFXIV seems to end.

In fact, Final Fantasy XIV will no longer receive expansions, as stated by Square Enix:

“No expansion pack releases are planned, but will focus on retaining users through a variety of operational initiatives.”

Since 2015, the title has received an expansion every two years up to the aforementioned Endwalker. Fans also expected an expansion in 2023 but, apparently, the cycle will be interrupted.

Meanwhile in the Final Fantasy franchise, a very special occasion was also born, namely FFVII Day.

While there are rumors about the remake of Final Fantasy IX, but which obviously remain unconfirmed.

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