Yes, a new game is coming out for the first Black and White Game Boy

PixelHeart, the publisher of Guns of Mercy and Liberated , has announced that its next game will be compatible with Game Boy .

Yes, you read that right, a brand new game will arrive on Nintendo’s first handheld cartridge console in 2022, nothing to do with the Switch (which you can buy in fast delivery on Amazon ).

The news comes close to the announcement of a new title also coming to 3DS, although now the dive into the past is if possible even deeper (and imbued with nostalgia ).

As reported by Nintendo Life , developed by Maxime Schutz, Lost Terminal is a platformer set in the underground world and will be PixelHeart’s first official release on Game Boy following the company’s previous work on SEGA Dreamcast and SNES.

Admiring the trailer a little further down, it’s impossible not to notice that Lost Terminal is a title that focuses heavily on the nostalgia factor .

The classic platform gameplay and the chiptune music stand out. transport you back to the glory days of the 90s.

Just below, in the dedicated player, the trailer of the game in question (prepare the tissues, you will need them).

The game’s plot is as simple as it is explanatory: the Underworld is in trouble. The master of Hell has no time to waste and entrusts his son with the mission of finding the source of the problem and resolving the situation as soon as possible.

Lost Terminal will offer 10 levels of intense and absolutely old-fashioned platform action , with different game modes and also a practical menu to select and listen to the music tracks from the game.

Staying on the subject, did you also read that soon another Nintendo could also be playable on PC thanks to the officially supported emulation?

But that’s not all: another, historic, exclusive to Nintendo 3DS could experience a second youth in a remaster for Switch, scheduled for 2023.

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