Years later, fans still have doubts about a Final Fantasy VII character

Final Fantasy VII is certainly one of the most important Japanese role-playing games ever, so much so that thousands of fans around the world still discussing the adventures of Cloud and associates .

The release of the PC version of Final Fantasy VII Remake has certainly helped rekindle interest in the seventh installment of the Square Enix series.

All this also considering that fans are also waiting with open arms for the second part of the epic remake, the announcement of which is very close, it seems.

Now, while some fans have decided to indulge in superb real-world versions of the FF7 game map, others have begun to wonder about the real origins of one of the main characters of the game , perhaps one of the most original ever.

Warning: spoilers on the plot and characters of the masterpiece Square Enix released in 1997 follow. Continue at your own risk.

Via Reddit , some players have raised a question about one of the party members who appeared in the original Final Fantasy VII , which appeared in passing in a small cameo also in the remake.

We are talking about Cait Sith , one of the most particular characters of the seventh chapter: it is actually a small black and white plush cat, who uses a huge robot moogle to move and fight.

Some fans have in fact expressed their doubts about the real origins of the character, and what is the actual form of the same (is it the cat or the robot below?).

What exactly is Cait Sith? from FinalFantasy

What the hell exactly is Cait Sith? He has revealed that he is an employee of Shinra, but I just do not understand … he is a small cat … on top of a larger cat?

Which of the two is controlled by the mind? When Cait Sith sacrificed himself to collect the Black Matter and then returned, was he the same as before or a different one?

Cait Sith is first encountered in the Wonder Square of the Gold Saucer where she works as a fortune machine, although she is later revealed to be a Shinra spy , manipulated from a distance by Reeve .

The funny hero then comes to ally with Cloud, Barret and his companions in the fight for the salvation of the Planet : the character is then also back in the spin-off Dirge of Cerberus Final Fantasy VII and in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII .

It is not clear if the character will be included in the second part of the Remake of Final Fantasy VII , although considering his brief appearance in the original game his debut is almost obvious .

Speaking of which, have you also seen the Buster Sword-shaped alarm clock, a must for any fan of the seventh chapter?

But not only that: if you are nostalgic for FF7, for you there is also the remake of the remake for PlayStation 1, designed for those who just can’t get away from the game.

Finally, did you see that another die-hard Final Fantasy VII fan decided to make some truly extraordinary three-dimensional cards?

If you want to challenge yourself with other old-fashioned RPGs, we recommend that you get your hands on Bravely Default 2 as soon as possible.

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