Xbox, the use of AI for video games will trigger another actors’ strike

Microsoft will collaborate with Inworld AI to develop new tools for Xbox that will allow developers to be supported by artificial intelligence in the creation of characters, stories and missions. Something that didn’t go down well with the artists of the sector, who will start a new strike.\r\nIn a videogame future that is increasingly cyberpunk (and not necessarily that of CD Projekt Red), Microsoft has also decided to invest further in these types of technologies and tools.\r\nThe multi-year partnership will include an “AI design co-pilot” system that Xbox developers can use to create detailed scripts, dialogue trees, quest lines and more.\r\nThe The idea that development can become democratic had already been made explicit some time ago by Sarah Bond, precisely confirming Xbox’s interest in this sector.\r\nThe actor Elias Toufexis, interpreter of Adam Jensen (Deus Ex) and Sam Coe (Starfield), who criticized Xbox’s initiative outright.\r\n\r\n”If you want to start a career as a voice actor, don’t even think about it,” he declared laconically on X.\r\nThe Xbox partnership does not actually project a great future for anyone who wants to do this profession, as Toufexis explains in depth:\r\n\r\n«All those nameless background NPC jobs that represented for everyone our start in the industry… they’re all leaving. I’m already saddened. Another fucking strike is coming.”\r\n\r\nThe actor is referring to the strike of the SAG-AFTRA union which includes actors and voice actors, which has already blocked Hollywood for several months and could do the same in the video game industry .\r\nOther actors have joined the chorus of disappointed, such as Shelby Young (God of War) and Xander Mobus (Persona 5), ​​who have shown their support for the cause.\r\nMobus declared that «it seems like a huge waste of money and resources”, which could be destined “to the human beings who actually make the games we play”.\r\nAlso Rami Ismail, developer and analyst in the sector, wanted to give his summary on what will happen in the future regarding artificial intelligence in the world of the arts: «Many people will be fired, games will get worse and executives will receive millions».\r\nWhile Jill Schar, lead narrative designer of The Lamplighters’ League, encouraged other developers to take an interest in the strike SAG-AFTRA, underlining that «actors are on the front lines right now in the fight against corporate greed and unethical uses of artificial intelligence.»\r\nAt a time when there is no agreement between SAG -AFTRA and video game producers, this incident could be explosive for the future of the industry.

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