Xbox, the new controller plays with your feelings

These days, Microsoft is celebrating 20 years of Xbox , the brand with which the company entered the world of video games for the first time .

As the company continues its journey into the world of gaming with the flagship Xbox Series X console, celebrations begin for the history of the brand.

Microsoft’s gaming brand celebrates an important anniversary , as does Major Nelson, the image man of Xbox from birth to today.

Solitaire also took part in the celebration and, in its own way, wanted to celebrate the precious achievement of Xbox .

And the main tool of every gamer, Xbox and otherwise, is the themed controller to celebrate the twentieth anniversary .

To add to the already diverse collection of controllers, Microsoft has produced a one-off perfect for true X fans, that will play with your feelings .

The announcement obviously arrived on Xbox Wire , with precise details on the aesthetics of the controller, complete with pre-order, price and release date .

The special controller will be available from November 15th next, the day of the anniversary in question, and it is already possible to pre-order it from the official website, also from Italy.

Microsoft itself defines the controller as “sentimental”, and in fact the most attentive will notice many details that show a lot of attention:

«The controller’s translucent green and black colors take you back in time to the moment when the first translucent green Xbox console was launched. Look through the translucent black top to see details silver interior that represent the advancement of Xbox technology over the past 20 years »

Although it looks to the past, the Xbox controller for the twentieth anniversary uses all the tools that modern controllers have , bar none.

Among the interesting additions, perfect for fans, there is also the fact that the central logo in the pad is not the modern one but, that yes, recalls the past with the green of the original console .

The final treat is that by connecting the controller to an Xbox Series X | S, you can unlock an exclusive dynamic theme . But that’s not all: by connecting it to a friend’s console, you will also unlock it for them, giving them a gift.

In short, there is nothing that Xbox fans can find negative about this pad . But also in these shoes, which in the same way celebrate the twentieth anniversary.

But there are something for everyone, because even Sony wanted to pay homage to PlayStation 5 with official shoes, in this console war clothing .

And Nintendo certainly couldn’t sit still , because it chose Animal Crossing as its brand to create new shoes in collaboration with Puma.

For fans of the Big X, this lamp must be yours.

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