Xbox takes the field in favor of the vaccine: “be heroes even in reality”

The United States is experiencing a new wave of infections and as a result Xbox has decided to take the field to promote the campaign vaccinal .

Just a few days ago it was President Joe Biden who asked social media giants to encourage vaccinations, and even the American-born Xbox Game Pass owner chose to help out.

Microsoft’s concern is not limited to just the vaccine but has spilled over into personal matters such as the name to give to their children (which the Redmond giant hopes will not be called “Game Pass”).

In the meantime, Xbox is giving away a new dynamic theme inspired by Halo Infinite : if you are a fan of the saga you absolutely cannot miss it while waiting for December 8th.

The growth of the epidemic curve on US soil it is caused, according to experts, by a high percentage of people not yet vaccinated.

About 50% of the American population, in fact, did not undergo vaccination, and the Redmond giant believed that it was appropriate to intervene with the aim to reverse this trend.

Yesterday, the following post appeared on the Xbox official Twitter profile, also quoted by VGC , in which the players are encouraged to behave responsible :

« The power of the game makes us heroes in other worlds every day.

By vaccinating ourselves against COVID-19 we can protect ourselves and the people around us and be heroes even in real life ».

The US company also wanted to mention the conspiracy theories inherent in the vaccine, stating that « vaccines do not contain microchips or magnets, they do not alter your DNA , they will not make you contract COVID-19 and there is no evidence on their impact on pregnancy and fertility ».

Finally, Xbox has reassured users by clarifying that « no long-term adverse effects have emerged in the millions of people vaccinated so far ».

But the Redmond giant has also had the opportunity to deal with much lighter issues, such as those relating to leaks on Halo Infinite .

A new Halo themed Xbox Series X was unveiled at Gamescom Opening Night Live, quickly landed in the hands of touts and currently on sale at crazy prices.

Meanwhile, a classic from the very first Xbox is about to return in a new version over 19 years after its launch, and for the occasion it will also arrive on PlayStation.

If you want to equip yourself with an Xbox Series S to access the extensive catalog that the service offers, you can easily do it through Amazon.

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