Xbox Series X will also use ray tracing for immersive audio experiences

We have seen, in recent days, the ambitious specifications of Xbox Series X , which will focus on ray-tracing with hardware support, on 12 TFLOPs of graphic power and on storage on SSD to say goodbye to loading times. To make the difference, underlines Microsoft , it must not only be what we will see, but also what we will hear .

During an official podcast, Jason Ronald – director for the management of the Xbox program – has in fact stressed that the Redmond company is focusing on ray-tracing also for the realism of the sound sector offered from its next console.

“What we are focusing on is offering the next level of immersion to the players,” , explained Ronald. For this reason, Series X will use all its power to manage audio in space, in game scenarios . Its location must be appropriate to the game environment and must always be faithful, “to the point that you can truly understand, from the sounds, where an enemy is found, finding himself much more involved.”

Sony also previously wanted to emphasize improved spatial realism for the audio sector of its PS5. We will see, therefore, what the two consoles will have to offer, when both will debut at the end of 2020 .


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