Xbox Series S can now host some classic games from Nintendo

Xbox Series S and Nintendo become even more friends, so to speak, thanks to the possibility of inserting the most famous emulator of the Big N in the Microsoft console.

The console Microsoft is already very famous and much loved, also and above all for the ability to be purchased very easily anywhere, even on Amazon.

Moreover, at the end of last year, the Xbox Series S had a very important price cut which led it to cost less than the Nintendo Switch.

But 2023 saw instead a fixed price increase for the console although, fortunately, not related to all markets.

After showing you its latest feature (via Windows Central) the Microsoft console will probably become even more interesting.

Because while the Xbox Game Pass library is by no means small, it is now possible to install the Dolphin emulator, the best known software for playing especially GameCube and Wii titles.

It takes a while to install, but once it’s in the console it will be possible to do a nice crossover between Nintendo and Microsoft.

Dolphin Emulator for UWP was first launched in beta on December 6, 2022. It has since received a couple of updates, bringing it to version 1.02.

Which is compatible with the Xbox Series S dashboard, as you can see in the video below (which explains how to install the emulator):

The Dolphin can upscale games up to 1440p, and with some mods you can even install HD textures to make these historic games shine even more.

Obviously we must remind you that emulators have always lived in a gray area, from a legal point of view. They are not illegal per se but, formally, it is not possible to reproduce titles of which you also own an original physical copy.

Emulators that, moreover, will allow you to relive old Nintendo JRPGs before the remakes, at least the presumed ones on the way

And if even the great GameCube and Wii classics aren’t enough for you, there’s always Xbox Game Pass, with more games to come as always.

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