Xbox loves Steam Deck and handheld PCs: «Our job is to keep up»

In the videogame market of PC games, handhelds have now entered forcefully into fashion, true hybrids between a computer and a portable console that are delighting those who want to carry an entire catalog of great titles with them at all times.\r\nA huge one the push came thanks to the success achieved by Valve and its Steam Deck, which immediately saw attempts to replicate its success using Windows, such as Asus ROG Ally (you can find it on Amazon) and the recent Lenovo Legion Go.\r\nWe are of course still in the initial period of this new phenomenon, in which manufacturing companies are trying to find the right compromise between quality and price, while at the same time collecting feedback to understand what works and which features instead need to be improved.\r\nBut Phil Spencer seems to be convinced that this is precisely the future of PC video games: in an interview with Windows Central, the head of Xbox commented enthusiastically on these new platforms, also speaking about his experience with the handheld produced by Lenovo.\r \n\r\n«I’m traveling right now, I have my Lenovo Legion Go with me, which is great. I think of these handheld PCs almost as extensions of my Xbox console.\r\n I see these handheld PCs as tools for gaming anywhere, giving me the ability to keep my library of games with me and allowing me to use them on other devices, including cloud streaming at some point. We are investigating the possibility of streaming all the games you own”.\r\n\r\nPhil Spencer’s reference is to an old promise made by Xbox: the possibility of being able to start streaming on consoles, and at this point also on any compatible device, all games actually purchased. And not just those included on Game Pass.\r\nThat said, the Xbox boss emphasizes that the most important aspect of devices like Steam Deck is the ability to continue using our catalog locally, just like portable consoles note:\r\n\r\n«I’m very optimistic about what we can do with the cloud, but that doesn’t make the local experience we want to have on Xbox and Windows PCs any less important. People want to play all those games locally that other people want to stream. We need to build the tools necessary to allow developers to do both.\r\nI want Xbox to be a brand, which is demonstrated not only in our Xbox app, but also by making sure our games are compatible with Steam Deck, ROG Ally and Legion Go, while ensuring they work great across the Xbox console line-up.\r\nYes, I believe our future is bigger than it has ever been. We are significantly larger than we were when Xbox began 20 years ago. And our job is to keep up.”\r\n\r\nIn short, according to Phil Spencer the PC video game market is evolving: consequently, Xbox must not lag behind and evolve together with them. And who knows, maybe in the future a portable device might join the console line-up — but at the moment this is just a little speculation on our part.\r\nMeanwhile, Steam Deck recently updated with the new model OLED: in one of our dedicated articles we explained all the differences between the two versions.\r\nBut, all things considered, which are the most played video games on the hybrid console? It was Valve itself that revealed it: here are all the most popular titles on Steam Deck in November.

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