Xbox has encouraged console war in the past, but there was a reason

Xbox and PlayStation make a merciless console war , while Nintendo he stands aside to make his run. A war that often generates unpleasant situations, and which Microsoft has stimulated in the past.

Now in the era of Phil Spencer and Xbox Game Pass (the subscription that you can also find on Amazon) this way of communicating has become much lighter, until it almost disappears.

The Xbox patron himself had in the past expressed harsh words against those who make console war , people considered disrespectful to the creators of video games.

And on several occasions the two protagonists of modern industry have shown how , for Xbox and PlayStation, the console war is perhaps a concept to keep in the past.

But in the past this was not the case , and other generations of video games and platform holder companies have pushed much more towards aggressive communication.

As Gamespot reports, just Xbox in past not only did such communication, but encouraged the console war for a long time.

Former Xbox executive Peter Moore , supervisor of the Xbox 360 era, recently talked about how console warfare was being encouraged at the time to of his team.

At a time when the rival was PlayStation 3 , Peter Moore explained in a recent interview why the idea was heavily relied upon. of war between consoles :

«We encouraged console war not to create divisions, but to challenge each other , I mean Microsoft and Sony. […] If Microsoft hadn’t kept the course after Xbox, after the Red Rings of Death, the video game industry would be a poorer place, you wouldn’t have the competition you have today “

Now the console war is a very old concept, left only alive for a small slice of users, but even a few generations ago it was something internal to companies.

Also because, when events such as those relating to Xbox and Bethesda happen, it is difficult to continue talking about real console war.

While we’re at it, here’s our thoughts on console war.

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