Xbox Game Pass, twist: a new game will no longer be free on day one

Subscribers to Xbox Game Pass are used to sudden free game announcements coming to the day one service, but what probably no one expected was the reverse process: one of the new titles coming out has in fact sensationally decided to back down and will no longer be available for free.

Paradox has in fact announced that Victoria III , one of the most anticipated strategic games, will no longer be available on Xbox Game Pass (which you can find at a discount on Amazon), unlike what previously announced by the authors after the first reveal.

To give an idea of ​​the scope of this announcement, we must remember that the grand strategy set in the Victorian era had become a real meme, as it seemed to have become a mirage that was never destined to come true. .

Unfortunately for those fans who couldn’t wait to try it for free, the new strategy has decided to get back to being talked about with a very questionable move , explained by the developers on their official forums (via ).

Paradox has in fact stressed that it has “ discussed with its partners ” about the opportunity of a day one launch on Xbox Game Pass and that it has decided to make an unexpected turnaround: now Victoria III will only be available on Steam at launch on October 25th.

However, it has not been detailed why the team decided to give up the partnership with Microsoft, inaugurating what it would seem to be a new agreement with Valve, but it has been clarified that for day one the title will not be available on either Game Pass or the Microsoft Store.

Paradox however pointed out that this will not rule out future agreements with Xbox Game Pass, as evidenced by the launch of games such as Crusader Kings III , Shadowrun Trilogy , Hearts of Iron IV , Stellaris and many other titles from the publisher.

In any case, this is a cold shower for fans of the subscription service, who will now have to decide whether to buy the title on Steam or whether to wait a possible rethink and free post-launch launch, which has not yet been confirmed yet.

Another bad news for users registered on Game Pass, who in a few days will have to give up 11 free games coming out of the subscription.

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