Xbox defends single player games with the sword, and challenges Electronic Arts

The discussion of single player games is still continuing and, after the unfortunate tweet from Electronic Arts , it also joins the fray Xbox.

The publisher of FIFA , which you can also find on Amazon, has sinned of little caution with what could have been a simple meme.

In a tweet he made fun of gamers who prefer only single player video games, using a popular catchphrase in this period.

A rather absurd behavior considering that the same publisher does not publish only multiplayer titles , and some very popular licenses as well.

In fact, taking up a meme format based on the aspects that may not like during an appointment, the social team of Electronic Arts has in fact decided to propose its own variant, underlining that, despite our counterpart it deserves a « 10 », unfortunately plays single player games. As if there was really something wrong with that.

This had already created many fiery reactions from gamers, and also of the other exponents of the video game industry.

Also included is the Twitter profile of ID @ Xbox , the independent Microsoft label that single player games is means enough.

And it does it by bringing up Tunic with an image, perhaps among the most characteristic single player indies of recent times:

«I’m a 10 but… no nothing, I’m just a 10.»

Always recalling the unfortunate line of Electronic Arts’ original tweet , Xbox sends a very clear message to fans of single player games.

This is echoed, of course, by another tweet from Xbox’s main account, who ironically allows himself to disagree, stating that those players are simply twelve.

Using Tunic is definitely a point in favor, given how beautiful the adventure originally released on Xbox Game Pass turned out: here our review.

The story of the Electronic Arts tweet hides a really absurd background : we told you about it recently.

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