Xbox creates trouble for Microsoft: the company is under investigation for monopoly

Xbox and its desperate fight to get the green light to acquire Activision Blizzard will cost Microsoft dearly, strong> which now also has to defend itself from the German antitrust.

The road to growing Xbox Game Pass and its library (which you can discover by subscribing via Amazon) has been blocked by numerous regulatory bodies.

Microsoft itself, up to now always politically correct and moderate, has recently begun to indulge in important statements.

When it looked like things for Xbox could start to go right right, here comes a new contender.

As PlayStation Lifestyle reports, in fact, Microsoft has been investigated by the German antitrust authority, called the Federal Cartel Office (or Bundeskartellamt), over its market power in technology and games.

If the regulator declares that the US company is a company “of fundamental importance to the competition between markets,” may impose special regulations on Microsoft that will prevent anti-competitive practices.

Obviously the House of Redmond has from its products much stronger than Xbox, and for many more years. Andreas Mundt, president of the FCO, refers precisely to these:

“With Windows and its Office products, Microsoft has a long-standing and very strong position in operating systems and office software. Additionally, Microsoft is active in other areas as well, including gaming with its Xbox, business networking with its LinkedIn service, or searching the internet with its Bing search engine.”

In 2022, the FCO had already launched investigations into Google, Meta and Amazon, with the latter in particular also attempting to appeal the decisions taken by the body.

There is no doubt that the recent events related to Activision Blizzard have raised already high attention from international regulatory bodies.

Meanwhile, Xbox Game Pass remains one of the focal points of the attention of institutions, with its huge catalog which, however, will not change the market in any way.


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