Xbox Activision, Bobby Kotick will also remain with the blocking of the agreement

Curiously, the controversial Bobby Kotick has returned to being at the center of the videogame dialogue, in relation to the agreement between Xbox and Activision-Blizzard which has been going on for months.

The head of the company that publishes Call of Duty, with Modern Warfare 2 always available on Amazon at the best price, was for a long period in the news.

The managerial figure has always been at the center of numerous controversies which, despite everything, would not have cost him his job until now.

Bobby Kotick has also returned these days to launch very important statements on the ‘deal of Xbox and Activision-Blizzard, and it could probably do it for a very long time.

Although, in the end, Activision Blizzard has agreed to offer a good exit to Bobby Kotick, this situation could change.

According to a report by Fox Business indeed, the CEO could remain exactly in his position if the Xbox Activision-Blizzard deal is blown altogether.

Even if the regulatory bodies will ultimately prevent the two companies from merging, according to sources familiar with the company situation, it seems that Bobby Kotick “will absolutely remain in the gaming giant to run the company.”

The same sources said that, within Activision, there remains confidence that the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) that it will make it possible the acquisition.

In addition to any damage, there is also a further insult, in case the merger is permanently blocked.

Kotick is an extremely controversial figure for Microsoft, who should be dismissed in any case. Among the many thorny events in which he was involved, there is also an attempt to buy press organs, to convey the narrative on the accusations that concerned him.

Meanwhile the acquisition is still going ahead with great difficulty, because the CMA recently declared that the deal can only be concluded by tearing up Activision Blizzard.

All while Xbox Game Pass is also at the center of a further storm, because it has been made known that the service definitively damages sales.

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