Xbox Activision-Blizzard, the agreement gets a new important go-ahead

The Xbox Activision-Blizzard deal certainly has many detractors and entities who oppose it in every way, but every now and then there are also those who donate the his go-ahead.

A story that has always seen Xbox Game Pass at the center, the subscription service (you also subscribe through Amazon) which in this way would have too many titles.

Many regulatory bodies are analyzing the Xbox Activision-Blizzard case in various ways, taking their time to decide.

But just as many green light arrives for the agreement, which according to some entities, has no reason to be blocked despite the perplexities.

As VGC reports, in fact, another regulatory body said “yes” to the Xbox Activision-Blizzard agreement.

Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard has been approved by the Commission competition from South Africa.

In a statement released today, the competition watchdog said it is not concerned about the possibility of Microsoft and Activision making Call of Duty an Xbox exclusive if the agreement should go through.

This is the institution’s declaration:

“The Commission has found that the proposed transaction is unlikely to lead to significant foreclosure issues as the parties lack the ability and incentive to foreclose competing game distributors, in particular Sony (PlayStation) and Nintendo (Switch ). In addition, the merging parties have committed to continue supplying Call of Duty games to other console manufacturers. Therefore, the Commission considered it unlikely that the proposed transaction would result in a material prevention or decrease of competition in any relevant market. The Commission has also noted that the proposed transaction does not raise substantial public interest concerns.”

So the generalized approvals from all over the world continue, while Europe is still taking its time.

While Microsoft and Sony continue to beat each other up, also bringing up other names such as Digital Foundry.

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