Wolverine, more clips from the Insomniac leak have leaked

At the end of 2023, Insomniac found itself having to defend itself from a massive leak of the kind that has rarely been seen in the history of video games which, among other things, also revealed gameplay clips of Marvel’s Wolverine.\r\nL The event was truly massive, so much so that it made the community and critics question the data that emerged from the immense information leak. A leak so important that Insomniac Games found itself making a public statement in this sense.\r\nWith an open letter, Insomniac said: «We are saddened and angry by the recent criminal cyber attack on our studio and by the toll emotional impact it had on our team of developers. In the last few days we have concentrated internally to support each other”.\r\nIn addition to Insomniac’s many future projects, including a series of video games related to Spider-Man and Marvel in general, the preliminary version of Marvel’s Wolverine emerged from the leak complete with more or less complete gameplay.\r\nThe story is unfortunately not over for Insomniac, because the game with the clawed Canadian still seems to be a victim of hackers.\r\nAs reported by The Gamer, other clips from Marvel’s Wolverine are making the rounds online right now, just when it seemed that the data leak was over.\r\nAccording to reports from those who have seen the clips, which they will not put in this article, the videos show a build that supports a series of I play a level that is still being created. These clips seem to have been shared a few hours ago, and it is not clear whether they actually come from last year’s leak or whether it is a new attack against Insomniac Games.\r\nIn this case it would make sense given that, according to the investigations made on the hacker attack, it seems that the group responsible managed to steal something like 1.67 terabytes of data in total. So it is likely, unfortunately for Insomniac, that things did not end here.\r\nAmong other things, among other things, among the data released there are also the personal data of the developers, who now also fear identity theft after the attack.

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