Will there be Batman in Gotham Knights in the end? Here comes the definitive answer

Gotham Knights is the title that all DC Comics fans have been waiting for for a while, also because set in the Batverse videogame .

The Rocksteady saga , which you can find on Amazon, has established itself as one of the best videogame transpositions of a comic book character.

Gotham Knights instead stages the Bat-Family , the protectors of Gotham City, including the new Robin who showed off in one of the recent trailers .

Heroes who will have to defend a city bigger than ever , since the title challenges the Gotham created by Rocksteady.

Precisely because the Bat-Family will take the place of the Caped Crusader who, as you know, met with “death” in Batman Arkham , many wonder if there will be a surprise return of Batman.

As The Gamer reports, however, this hope could clash with a very different hard reality.

At the Warner Bros Games Montreal panel held at Comic-Con San Diego 2022 , Creative Director Patrick Redding shed light on which additional characters or iconic villains of the DC universe may appear in Gotham Knights .

The development team has indeed claimed that Batman is “really dead” in Gotham Knights , and will remain so by the end of the game .

And if Batman doesn’t appear in the game, neither will his historical nemesis be part of the story, which will do without Joker . Redding did not specify anything about Harley Quinn that, being still alive, she may appear somehow.

The death of Bruce Wayne in the beginning is what sets the story in motion, shifting the focus to the other heroes instead. However, the Knightfall project in the comics, mentioned in the latest Batman video games, sees the return of the surprise superhero .

Meanwhile, the development team has unveiled a new Batgirl gameplay video, which won’t make you regret Bruce Wayne’s absence.

With gameplay that will allow total freedom from what has been declared.

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