Will the Last of Us Part III be done? As Neil Druckmann thinks

> In an interview with IndieWire , Neil Druckmann focused on the possibility of Naughty Dog working on The Last of Us Part III immediately the second chapter of the series, released only last week.

The full interview contains spoilers on the key points of the story, since it focuses precisely on the development and consequences of the plot, but our news will not mention it.

The director and vice president of Naughty Dog had already touched on the topic recently, explaining that he did not know if in the future of the study there would be a new IP or, precisely, The Last of Us Part III .

Druckmann pointed out that The Last of Us Part II has “everything you need no to understand the story, and whatever the players will draw from it … their interpretation will be right . At least until we play another game, if we do, and then we can discuss that. “

” I’ll be a as vague and cautious as you might expect, but I think the test for whether or not to do a “Part III” should be similar to the test we did with “Part II” », explained the director.

« With the first game there were no expectations and we could do anything. But now that we have established certain characters and themes and processes, we had the feeling that, for to justify the fact that we were making a “Part II”, we should have done something with which the fans would not have simply been comfortable but to do something that would have had the same emotional core that we found in the first game », is was his premise.

«And without that, there would be no reason to make a” Part III “. Finding it with the sequel was much more difficult than with the first one, and going forward it would be exponentially more difficult to justify returning to that world and finding a way to change things ».

D the other part, is Druckmann’s opinion, «there are already so many things you have seen on the backstory, on how the epidemic occurs, so we should really understand how to create a new experience that lives up to the emotional impact of these stories and I still don’t know what it is. Currently ».

The door on a sequel seems open, in short, but as long as the Naughty Dog team finds something worth telling about how it was with The Last of Us Part II .

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