Will Resident Evil 4 Remake have a game section cut? Here comes the official answer

Resident Evil 4 Remake is one of the most anticipated titles of the next season, although many feared that the return of Leon S. Kennedy may receive cuts from the original version.

The remake of the fourth chapter of the survival horror series (which you can find on Amazon at a low price) will in fact have various improvements compared to the original, despite the fact that it has started on the web rumors circulated that the new version would have an entire level cut out.

The last gameplay shown has in fact put on the plate a game that graphically lives up to expectations, although we will also have several important additions on the gameplay side.

Now, as also reported by Gaming Bolt, the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 4 will include the section on the island, criticized by many but apparently also present in the remake.

Capcom has taken an interesting approach to its remakes, since each chapter has radically changed some things compared to the original game, in one form or another.

This happened especially with 2020’s Resident Evil 3, the whose cut did not go down well with many fans, who feared that a similar approach had been taken for D4. However, it seems that none of the main sections of the original will be cut in the remake.

In the recent issue of EDGE magazine, the development team confirmed that the island section – which is the final section of the game and which has proved quite divisive over the years – will also be present in the remake.

Apparently, the developers divided the three main sections of the game (the village, the castle and the island) in the early stages of development, working on the sections individually and then coming together to examine and edit the job.

Interestingly, the developers also stated that the island will have «much more content» than what was seen in the original game, even if they did not want to go down in further details.

Given the significant change in tone and rhythm that the island brought with it in the original RE4, it will be interesting to see how this is handled in the remake.

Resident Evil 4 will launch on March 24 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. The game has entered the final stage of development and Capcom is preparing to share more details ahead of its release.

Speaking again of changes, in Resident Evil 4 Remake Capcom would have decided to change the fate of the dog trapped in an animal trap.

Apart from this, Resident Evil 4 Remake proved to be very faithful to the original, given that apparently even the longevity will be more or less the same.

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