Wii U may have been a flop, but it anticipated the future (and made Switch possible)

Remember Wii U , Nintendo’s penultimate console and probably the most unsuccessful of his (many) experiments?

Well, in a new video with Valentino Cinefra and myself, we discuss the console that actually gave birth to Nintendo Switch, and more.

Wii U is the console on which several of the classics that later arrived on Switch were born, including, to name one, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker .

Even technologically, as we discuss in the clip below, the link between the two platforms is very strong, and certainly not by coincidence.

Wii U was a visionary console, and for many reasons, although obviously well ahead of its time.

The GamePad , despite its size, was incredibly comfortable – with a noticeably better grip than the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo anticipated that parents would think of a tablet-style device to keep their kids busy with (their) other activities.

At the time, the gaming console still saw itself as an alternative to mobile , while today the giants of the first sphere (like Microsoft) have embraced the second; a first attempt, however, was that controller-tablet.

Speaking of attempts, it’s clear – and even acknowledged by the Big N herself – how Wii U formed the basis for Switch’s success.

The two platforms had the same ambition for portable home gaming, except that the execution was weak (the GamePad had a very low range for example) due to the technical limitations of the time.

Thanks to the collaboration of Nvidia , who had industry experience with Shield, these limitations have been overcome with the Nintendo Switch.

A big shame about the missed opportunity is the fact that very few have been able to enjoy the high-end Wii U library.

Sales have not smiled at that platform at all, to the point that the Switch Lite alone has already beaten it in no time.

Games like the aforementioned Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, but also Platinum Games’ The Wonderful 101 , didn’t get the audience they deserved.

Fortunately, however, they are finding a new audience on the Nintendo Switch and ultimately a new life.

If you want to retrieve a title from the Wii U library for Switch, Pikmin 3 Deluxe is available on Amazon

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