Wiglett, the new Pokemon, is actually an Elden Ring monster to some

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have showcased a new creature, Wiglett, which is already causing discussion.

On the occasion of the arrival of Scarlet and Violet , which you can also celebrate with the new themed OLED Switch that you find on Amazon, the game world will give you the chance to discover a new variant of Diglett.

And while you can prepare to pre-order Scarlet and Violet , while the bonuses aren’t great, you’ll also have the perfect soundtrack for the wait.

Ed Sheeran , in fact, got very strong from Pokémon-mania and composed an exclusive track for the game.

Probably Ed Sheeran likes the new Wiglett , while some are convinced that it bears similarities to a monster from Elden Ring .

The Pokemon Company shows the latest addition to the roster of new generation, in a recent stream. Many players initially thought Wiglett was a regional variant of Diglett, but this theory has been disproved.

Wiglett is in fact based on eels, while Diglett is a representation of moles. However, there are those who are not convinced and are creating their own weird theories about the new little monster.

One such fan has speculated on the Pokémon’s true origins, based on one of creepy creatures , or at least one of many, in Elden Ring .

Run. (OC) from pokemon

Now Wiglett doesn’t look that cute anymore, does he?

According to this Reddit user, the Pokémon could easily originate from the Interregnum of Elden Ring , and be a variant of the Fingercreepers.

A creature so creepy that not even an AI could imagine it , like the one that creates Pokémon from a name.

Other fans have instead evoked the stainless first generation , as an artist who is creating a crazy tribute to that era.

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