What was the hype like for video games in 1996? Diablo 1 reminds us of this

Hype culture, often contested as the absolute evil of video games, has inevitably grown exorbitantly with the growth in the speed at which information travels around the world. The biggest launches of the most anticipated video games always generate hype, but Diablo was no different in 1996.\r\nBlizzard’s legendary video game, which has been celebrated several times over the years even with products on Amazon, was at its once one of the most anticipated video games of the time.\r\nIt is certainly difficult to imagine the great current launches if compared to the technology of 1996. The Internet was obviously present but not omnipresent, there were no social launches, countdowns and much less leaks like those of Suicide Squad or Insominac Games, but that doesn’t mean the video games weren’t awaited with trepidation.\r\nThis is demonstrated by a clip from an episode of Computer Chronicles from 1996, in which Max Schaefer of Blizzard North talks about the first Diablo awaiting the launch which was scheduled for December 31 of the same year.\r\nComputer Chronicles was an American television series, broadcast from 1983 to 2002 on public television of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), which documented and told various technological topics, from the rise of the personal computer from its dawn to the global market at the beginning of the 21st century.\r\nIn an episode, the excerpt of which you can see below, the Blizzard spokesperson talks and explains Diablo:\r\n\n\ t\t\n\t\n\n\r\n”What’s so thrilling about this game?”, the host asks Max Schaefer in the interview, who introduces Diablo for the first time, answering the question:\r\n\r\n«It’s a genre that has been neglected for a while now. We are truly bringing together the latest technologies to revitalize the role-playing segment.”\r\n\r\nSounds familiar, doesn’t it?\r\nEven the next exchange, which starts with the host saying “You are the guys who made Warcraft, right? So you have a certain reputation for having done good things”, is something that we regularly hear every time a project is announced, especially a triple A one.\r\nWhile the gameplay of Diablo is shown on the screen, Schaefer and the host chat explaining everything the features of the game, which the Blizzard developer describes as revolutionary and never seen before.\r\nThe technology, the communication methods and the quality of the presentations have certainly changed, but at the base there has always been the hype for the video games. The same one that, for example, made the trailer of GTA 6 already a record-breaking product.

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