What is the best scene in Fallout? Todd Howard reveals it

The Fallout television show certainly did not disappoint expectations, being one of the best among those based on a video game series.\r\nAlso inspired by a title like Fallout 76 (which you can find on Amazon in a special exclusive edition), the series TV Prime Video has indeed left its mark.\r\nAlthough the second season of Fallout has already been confirmed, it is still time to talk about the first series.\r\nAs also reported by PC Gamer, in fact, Bethesda boss Todd Howard recently shared his favorite moment from Amazon’s hit television series. “I still love the moment when Lucy comes out of the Vault,” Howard explains in a new Q&A video. «I think it really captures a lot. It’s a long-awaited moment, and visually it’s really, really beautiful.”\r\nOpening the Vault door and stepping out into the sunlight has been an essential part of the Fallout experience since the first chapter, and Howard knows it well.\ r\n”We always have that moment of ‘going out’ into the world, so to speak,” Howard explained in 2021, speaking about the then-unreleased Starfield.\r\n”The technology has changed. We have all changed. So our expectations when we load a game, like, ‘Okay, I’m going to come out and there’s going to be this moment,’ to be able to do that and have it feel new every generation and every game, that’s something really special about what we do.”\ r\nSticking on the topic, Howard still spoke a few weeks ago about the possibility of seeing Fallout 5 in the near future, although the release would not be around the corner.\r\nBut not only that: the most attentive viewers of the Fallout TV series have noticed an Easter Egg that refers to the original Interplay role-playing game from 1997.\r\nFinally, we know that Walton Goggins’ Ghoul is not based on any character from Fallout, but nevertheless many have wondered if we had met him in the video game saga .

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