What is Doom Eternal? An official video explains it to us

Just over a month is left before the launch of Doom Eternal and, in case you have lived under a rock for some time and you have missed what you are talking about, Bethesda Softworks made a promotional video for the next home shooter id Software . Through the latter, a very simple question is answered: what is Doom Eternal?

In a quick overview, we this reminds us of the presence of the single player campaign in which we play the Doom Slayer, as well as that of the Battle Mode in which three players (two demons and one slayer) must face each other in new maps and arenas.

You can see everything up close in the embed video below.

Doom Eternal will arrive on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia next March 20 . The game is also expected on Nintendo Switch.

Source: DSOG

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