What choices did we really make in Mass Effect? Finally the answer

November 7 will never be an ordinary day for Mass Effect fans, who know full well how much today’s date really is nothing. ‘other than the N7 Day .

The day of celebration of the Normandy, Commander Shepard and all the other heroes of the BioWare home universe, was an opportunity for Electronic Arts to make known some curious statistics related to choices made by players within Mass Effect: Legendary Edition , the recently released box set containing the entire remastered trilogy.

Among the data revealed by the interesting infographic, we learn that 77% of players have changed the name of Shepard , while the others have chosen between the standards John and Jane.

In 65% of cases players imported their Shepard from old games and, while in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 the most selected difficulty was Normal, in Mass Effect 3 it was the simplest Casual.

There is also a fact that we would not have expected, and it is that as many as 15% of players have never recruited Garrus , thus missing out on one of the most iconic (and most beloved) travel companions of Commander Shepard. On the other hand, as many as 97% of the players welcomed Diana .

The infographic also features several other stats, but contains spoilers and we recommend that you only consult them if you have already completed the trilogy – as it talks about the fate of the Citadel , the Council and decisions made in the epilogue of Mass Effect 3 .

You can find it below.

A few months ago, the developers had also unveiled the curious statistic linked to Ashley and Kaidan, two characters who represent a key choice within the first game of the franchise: 60% of players , when asked in a moment that you know well and that reverberates through all three games, chose Ashley, 40% chose Kaidan.

We remind you that at the moment BioWare is working on an original episode of Mass Effect , of which we know little: what little, however, has passed under our lens of enlargement and we have taken stock of everything (really everything) that the trailer has revealed in our dedicated article.

If you want to explore Mass Effect beyond the Shepard saga, you might want to give Andromeda a chance.

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