What are the best moments of the God of War saga? The players answer

With the upcoming release of God of War on PC and the sequel God of War Ragnarok upon us, interest in one of the The most representative sagas of the PlayStation brand is more alive than ever.

A few hours ago in fact Santa Monica Studio asked fans on Twitter to dust off their favorite and most exciting moments related to the series in its entirety.

The team has in fact shared a tweet with a video depicting Kratos , in the last episode of the series, re-appropriating the historic blades of chaos . While in the other chapters of the hack-and-slash saga the blades of chaos are configured as the main weapon of Kratos, in God of War of 2018 these are seen only in a second moment, certainly also with the aim of producing an unexpected “wow effect” in the passionate player of the saga.

Many moments shared by fans are part of the latest iteration of the saga, which has been able to renew the franchise without losing sight of its roots, certainly not a small operation.

Attention: from this point follows spoilers from God of War .
If you have not completed the game, we recommend that you stop reading.

One of the moments shared by fans includes the aforementioned blades of chaos :

Another of the memorable moments of the saga also seems to be the occasion in which Kratos gives free rein to his impetuosity and rages against the head of Elio in God of War 3 . The Kratos of the new course, however, is more mature and reasoned in his actions, also thanks to his emotionality rediscovered thanks to the presence of his son Atreus.

Another indelible element for the user Jardani Jovonovich Appreciator is instead the confrontation with the stranger who later turns out to be the powerful god of Norse mythology Baldur , who in the first meeting with Kratos uses all his brute strength to throw our protagonist beyond his humble wooden abode that he shares with his son.

Finally, we mention the favorite moment of another user who shares the amazement that comes at the end of the game, when the disturbing figure who presents himself to the house of Kratos and Atreus reveals his hammer thus revealing that he is the thunder god Thor .

Regarding the upcoming release of God of War on PC, a video comparison recently appeared that analyzes the PS5 and PC versions.

In addition, Sony’s PS4 adventure has been a huge success and its sales are at very high levels.

God of War however, it is only one of the PlayStation exclusives to arrive on PC, all of them achieving excellent results.

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