We discover the protagonists of Final Fantasy VII Remake in mini-trailers

> The official debut of Final Fantasy VII Remake is just a few days away, and with Square Enix which has anticipated that it is not willing to anticipate the digital release of the game despite the logistical problems caused to retail distribution by the health emergency (with some copies already in the hands of the players a full week after the release), we can have some fun with the trailers dedicated to the protagonists of the game .

On the social channels dedicated to the game, in fact, the developers have released some mini-videos that introduce us to the heroes with whom we will have to deal during our journey.

Cloud is thus presented to us as «ex First Class SOLDIER. After deserting Shinra, he starts working as a paid mercenary in Midgar. With his trusty sword in hand, he always completes his work. »

By Barret , however, we read that he is “leader of the known anti-Shinra militant group like Avalanche. He is animated by a burning hatred for Shinra, a company that according to him is destroying the planet. His right arm has been changed and is now a firearm that allows him to attack enemies even from long distances. »

Di Tifa we learn that he is “a member of the anti-Shinra Avalance militant group, he manages Seventh Heaven, a bar located in the slums of Sector 7. Martial arts student in the style of Zangan.”

Finally, Aerith is presented to us as a “florist who lives in the slums of Sector 5, has been under the surveillance of the Shinra for her entire life because of her unique background. He is capable of feeling the life force of the planet and offers magical support to his companions. “

Final Fantasy VII Remake will arrive on April 10 on PS4 . In recent days we have also talked about the more action approach to the combat system, which will be a hybrid with traditional shifts, bringing back the developers’ statements. In addition, for those who are not afraid of any anticipations from the new contents, there is also the launch trailer.

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