Volition wants to fix Saints Row 2 on PC, ten years later

It’s never too late. It seems like a phrase made, but it seems to be a bit of the Volition mantra, which announced that it is ready to correct the numerous technical flaws that plagued the port on PC of its Saints Row 2 . Eleven years after the release of the game.

If the news sounds vaguely surreal it is because it is a bit, but the intentions of the software house are absolutely good: as explained by Mike Watson, of Volition, the development team has finally managed to trace the original source code of the PC game. Putting his hand to the latter, the software house will finally have the possibility to correct all the technical problems that had made the game not exactly enjoyable on PC, following the entrusting of its port to outsourcing – that is, it was not taken care of by the authors themselves.

The update that will be produced will be distributed free for those who already have the game – but don’t expect that arrive immediately. “We want to give this thing the love and attention it needs” explained Watson, “it really has to shine. We want this porting to be wonderful in all respects. “

Meanwhile, in the future of THQ Nordic the name Saints Row is more concrete than ever , since the publisher has new episodes of the franchise in place.

Source: Eurogamer.net

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