Vampire Bloodlines 2 has not disappeared, he is “in good hands” but we will not see him soon

Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2 is the classic video game that, after a series of statements and trailers, had a turbulent life and disappeared.

The title would mark the great videogame return of the historic RPG , which you can find on Amazon, and was expected by many fans.

It was originally supposed to come out in 2021 after a first postponement, a first sign of obvious production problems.

The latest news on Vampire Bloodlines 2 is from February 2021 , with the announcement of a change of developer and, essentially, a reboot of the project.

But what exactly happened to the game? Today we can add another piece as an answer to this intricate story.

As PC Gamer reports, the game is in good hands , but don’t expect to see it again too soon.

Fredrik Wester, CEO of publisher Paradox Interactive, recently said, once again, that everything is fine:

¬ęBloodlines 2 is under development. The game is in good hands and we can’t wait to show you more when the team and the game are ready. “

Well, if you’ve been hoping to play Vampire Bloodlines 2 sooner or later, the good news is that you can one day.

The title was announced and shown in 2019, and since then a good part of the original team has abandoned the project over the years. The game must have been rebuilt almost from scratch probably, so we won’t be seeing it recently.

Asked whether Vampire Bloodlines 2 could appear at PDXCon this year, Wester specifically said no .

In the meantime, Vampire fans can console themselves with Swansong , a very interesting adventure with some flaws that you can discover in our review .

While Bloodhunt offers a more … particular reinterpretation of the world of Vampires , a battle royale that still has a lot to improve, as we told you recently.

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