Valheim: The ships disappear, but is it really the fault of the… birds?

Reports from fans are multiplying that their ship is missing in Valheim , and one fan briefly thought she had discovered the truth behind this mystery.

According to @GliitchWiitch, the birds would be to blame : they would land on the ships and a bug would automatically place them under their control.

This means, according to this theory, that – if after landing on a ship the bird in question were to take off again – the ship would disappear instantly.

The streamer’s tweet got an impressive number of likes and comments, to the point of being noticed even by the developer Iron Gate .

While amused by the theory, the study denied this hypothesis when contacted by the Polygon website.

«In relation to the bug in the tweet you shared, it’s not real, haha! It’s interesting to see how well the tweet was shot.

Regarding glitches … there was a glitch that saw one object receiving data from another, so for the example above, a bird could have received data from a ship, so a player could having seen a flying ship – but, yes, there are no birds stealing ships! ».

Paradoxically, it would therefore be more likely to see a flying ship than a ship that disappeared due to a bird.

For those who missed him, Valheim is the latest phenomenon on the net, and we have analyzed the causes of his success in a special of our Valentino Cinefra.

The game quickly made the rounds of all-round entertainment fans, resulting in builds inspired by The Lord of the Rings or even Star Wars .

If you are trying this for the first time, we strongly recommend that you take a look at our guide to Valheim, so that you do not get lost in the dozens of commands to learn on the fly.

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