Valheim, player recreates a spectacular Notre-Dame Cathedral

The Cathedral of Notre-Dame has seen it cooked and raw in recent centuries, up to the most recent fire that put its construction at risk itself.

The original architects probably didn’t imagine that one day they would see it recreated by a user in a game made by just 5 people, survival Valheim .

As reported by the team, the cathedral was reproduced with impressive fidelity by Reddit user GIPv.

This is not the first titanic creation in the Iron Gate title, however; for example, we’ve already shown you a Millennium Falcon produced by a Star Wars fan.

Another gamer even recreated Sauron’s tower from The Lord of the Rings , with frankly stunning results.

GIPv has reached a level of incredible care , replicating, in addition to the iconic towers with their bells, also the spectacular windows of the royal building.

I built Notre Dame cathedral. from valheim

The player explained that he made the skeleton of the Notre-Dame Cathedral on the basis of the royal building, adding only after the roof and walls.

he He then added vertical beams to keep the walls from looking too flat in Valheim .

This is not, however, a vanilla version of Valheim : there is a trick, in fact, and this trick is called debug mode.

The mode allows you to fly with the frame and use any resource unlimited , regardless of collecting this or that material.

The creation still shows the great capabilities of the game editor, although – with an empty cathedral – by switching to actual survival the user’s frame rate has dropped down to 12fps .

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen such a faithful reproduction of Notre-Dame Cathedral: even if by different means, Ubisoft had already thought of it with Assassin’s Creed Unity .

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