Until Dawn creators are working on an exciting new horror

Supermassive Games is much more prolific than it looks, because the authors of Until Dawn are also working on new IPs.

Team that also recently produced The Quarry , which you can also find in the next-gen version on Amazon, and which still seems to be on the crest of the wave.

Supermassive’s summer horror also turned out to be a little surprise , as we told you in our review.

By the way, Until Dawn was an inspiration for The Quarry , which was immediately called a spiritual sequel to the horror that accompanied the launch of PlayStation 4.

And apparently the next Supermassive Games title will also be horror, of course, but also a new IP.

The information comes from a job advertisement spread by Gamesual , which was also analyzed by Resetera in these hours.

Supermassive is looking for staff to develop an as yet unannounced triple-A multiplayer , which will tell “dark stories” and will feature third-person combat and challenging puzzles. .

The figure sought by the development team is an experienced designer , who will have to create “compelling play spaces and places to investigate, explore and survive” .

Impossible to understand what the nature of the game might be from these requirements, but if we had to guess it would seem a reinterpretation of the concept of titles like Dead by Daylight , maybe more focus on history.

These are obviously speculations and, as happens on every occasion like this, we just have to wait for official news from the authors of Until Dawn .

Which, moreover, long ago were also the protagonists of a notable acquisition. The hope is that it will help the team to raise the quality level even further.

Speaking of horror, once again we talked about the project of Hideo Kojima , the famous Overdose , which has even been seen on a few occasions recently for a few minutes.

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