Ubisoft+, the entire catalog could soon arrive on Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass could start 2023 in a great way, because by the end of the month it seems to integrate the entire catalog of Ubisoft+, the service of the French-speaking publisher.

This would mean having, among others, products such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla included in the Xbox subscription (even if you can still find it on Amazon).

Titles that would replace the classic turnover of Xbox Game Pass, which just recently announced the farewell of some titles from the catalog.

Although, as always, the catalog expands with some regularity regardless of the possible arrival of Ubisoft games, because the January list is not bad.

And it could become even more impressive because, as Insider Gaming suggests, Xbox Game Pass could welcome Ubisoft+ productions by the end of the month.

Ubisoft+ is the equivalent of Xbox Game Pass but, of course, for internal first party games. The fact that it can be integrated with the Microsoft subscription is really interesting, which already includes the entire EA Play.

According to some updates applied to some titles by the French-speaking publisher, there are those who have noticed that a series of titles on the store (specifically for Xbox platforms) have been made free, apparently for no reason.

There is proof for these strange updates and movements in online shops:

There is a date associated with the new prices, which shows that this strange sale will end between January 16 and 17.

Who knows if the next Xbox event, recently announced, might not be an opportunity to make the big announcement and welcome Ubisoft+ titles within the popular subscription service.

So popular that it can be scary at times, as the developers of Redfall stated during a reflection on the impact of publishing on Xbox Game Pass.

For more news from Ubisoft, the development of Massive’s ambitious Star Wars continues, although there are no real news yet.

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