Ubisoft is about to close 3 more games forever, there is also a masterpiece

Ubisoft is closing several of its games, many from the past, and the French-speaking publisher’s scythe continues to advance.

The most notable victims recently have been many video games in the Assassin’s Creed saga (many of which can be found on Amazon) from past generations.

A maneuver that had caused discussion also because regularly purchased DLC would also be blocked, along with games in digital version.

On which Ubisoft has luckily changed its mind, at least as far as additional content is concerned, proceeding but with the closing of regular games.

There are three upcoming games whose servers will be closed, and there is also a real masterpiece on the list: Rayman Legends .

As Nintendo Life reports, the wonderful platformer is among the Ubisoft’s next targets , which in the month will see its servers closed along with those of Assassin’s Creed 3 (just to stay on topic) and ZombiU .

The announcement of the closure of these servers, in the Wii U version should be specified, was made last July . The original deadline was September 1st, but has been postponed to October 1st 2022.

While single player activity DLCs will no longer be available for download for various PC games, on console players will still be able to download and play them after October 1, 2022.

Once the services are closed, Wii U players will no longer be able to link Ubisoft accounts in the game or use online features.

The reason for this shutdown is obviously attributable to the obsolete technology that serves to keep the servers running, as well as the need to free up digital space for future projects.

This postponement of the server shutdown also affects other games that, for the moment, are still safe and can be populated for one last time by passionate players.

As did Assassin’s Creed fans recently, as they prepared to greet their favorite episodes of the saga with latest spectacular games.

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