Tomb Raider 1 “next-gen” you can now try it for free

While waiting for the release of Tomb Raider I-III Remastered, a collection containing the first three classic chapters in a revised and corrected version, the remaster of the original episode is now playable.\r\nAfter the last Shadow of the Tomb Raider (which you can yet to be found on Amazon) players want to rediscover the great classics of the past.\r\nLara Croft’s first three 32-bit adventures need no introduction, but the time has finally come to get your hands on one another version of the first TR.\r\nNow, as we anticipated a few days ago, the excellent Skurtyyskirts has released the RTX Remix Mod for the first Tomb Raider.\r\nAs also reported by Wccftech, the RTX Remix Mod will add the Full Ray Tracing/Path Tracing to this timeless classic, for an amazing result.\r\n\r\nNVIDIA has in fact left the Open Beta phase of RTX Remix in these hours.\r\nThe Open Lara RTX project: Reimagined Realms attempts to remaster the graphics of the original game with Path Tracing and, judging from the playable demo which can be downloaded from here completely free of charge, it’s all magnificent. \r\nReally, it’s incredible to see how much the original Tomb Raider takes advantage of RTX Remix’s Path Tracing, with lighting that can literally transform the classic third-person shooter into something even more technically beautiful. \r\nThe visual improvements are beyond what Reshade Ray Tracing can achieve. After all, RTX Remix implements adequate Path Tracing, so this is only partially surprising.\r\nSomething like this was also done with the equally famous Tomb Raider 2, as we reported to you just a few hours ago.\r\nSpeaking instead of the now imminent remastered and official trilogy of the first Tomb Raider, this one will have a more modern control system, \r\nAlso, still regarding Tomb Raider, another fan has created a sort of remake in Unreal Engine 5 of Tomb Raider: Legend, really not bad.\r\nNot to mention that a fan remake of Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness in Unreal Engine exists, and a demo has recently been available for free.

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