To The Moon mysteriously disappeared from Nintendo eShop

Little mystery around To The Moon , appreciated Freebird Games video game: in recent days, in fact (on January 16, precisely) the title had also landed on Nintendo Switch , with publication through Nintendo eShop . Well, something must have gone wrong, on a technical or bureaucratic level, considering that To The Moon has been removed from eShop without further explanation.

On the European digital store, what was the page of the game now returns an error – and the same also happens in North America. Probably, this cancellation is only temporary and could be linked to a problem related to the cataloging of the game on the digital store – or to the rating assigned to it by entities such as PEGI, which perhaps had to be revised and updated.

Whatever the reason, for the moment we can only make assumptions, since neither the developer nor XD Network, publisher of the project, have expressed their opinion on this.

We look forward to further information to report to you.

Source: NintendoLife

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