There’s still no sign of Kingdom Hearts disappearing from Steam

Square Enix has kicked off the long-awaited publication by Sora fans: that of the entire Kingdom Hearts saga which has finally arrived on Steam, after over three years of exclusivity on the Epic Games Store.\r\nOr rather, almost entire saga, because one of the last titles of the Kingdom Hearts franchise is missing and, even today, there is no news regarding its arrival.\r\nIt is Memory of Melody, the spin-off musical which has remained on the Epic Games Store and does not seem to want to go away soon.\r\nAs reported yesterday, the following games from the Square Enix saga will arrive on Steam from June 13th:\r\n\r\nKINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX\r\nKINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue\r\nKINGDOM HEARTS III + Re Mind DLC\r\n\r\nSquare Enix also stated that it has launched a bundle, called Integrum Masterpiece, with which players can peacefully recover the entire saga in comfort. Almost the entire saga, in short.\r\nSeveral hours after the announcement there have still been no clarifications regarding the fate of Memory of Melody, and obviously fans have noticed this and are starting to ask themselves questions (via The Gamer). \r\nSome fans have hoped this might mean an updated version of the game might be coming, with new tracks and quality of life features, but that doesn’t sound like something Square Enix would do.\r\nSo far, Square Enix and Steam haven’t have said nothing about why Melody of Memory is missing from the collection on Steam, and we can only wait for official statements.\r\nIn the meantime you can recover the saga, if you want, thanks to Amazon and a package already available for a long time time available at a good price.\r\nAlso, at the moment there is no news on Kingdom Hearts 4, which most likely will not be released before 2025 but could become one of the games in the Nintendo Switch 2 lineup.

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