There is another soulslike coming up, and it looks really splendid (in video)

soulslike fans are spending their days on Elden Ring, the new title from FromSoftware that has left its mark (positively) .

What for many is the true heir to the Dark Souls saga has in fact brought forward the genre, with some not bad news and a level of playability.

The soulslike are still a very popular genre, considering also the made in Italy title coming in the next months, that is Project Galileo .

Not to mention that soon it will also be the turn of Bleak Faith Forsaken , a horror-tinged action RPG that winks at Dark Souls , soon to be joined by Thymesia .

As reported by DSO Gaming , the OverBorder Studio team shared a new gameplay video of their upcoming action RPG with a soulslike aftertaste.

In the video, viewable just below, we can admire the dodging mechanics present in the game, very similar to that seen in a plethora of FromSoftware games .

Below, the video in question (lasting about one minute):

Thymesia will put us in the shoes of the world’s most mysterious plague doctor, known as Corvus , who can turn diseases into real and his own weapons – such as powerful swords or even scythes – to fight his opponents.

The game was scheduled to launch on December 7th, on PS5 consoles, Xbox Series X | S and PC platforms, only to be postponed to this year (the exact release date has not yet been disclosed).

Speaking of Elden Ring again, did you see that the game is so “easy” that bosses can be beaten while sitting?

But that’s not all: just in these hours, update 1.04 has also arrived, recently published by FromSoftware.

Elden Ring is also available on PS5 as always, of course at the best price!

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