There is a great new survival horror on the way, but the release is not close

The Quarry is the latest project from the creators of Until Dawn , a cinematic horror that has terrified many players this summer.

Supermassive Games , authors of The Dark Pictures Anthology – a series of self-contained horror video games that you can also find on Amazon – have brought shelves, a truly ambitious project, although apparently is not over here .

In our review of The Quarry we explained to you that: «cinematic in form and content, the new work of the British studio starts from some classic cornerstones, which nevertheless shapes to make them very modern anyway, and brings back a genre dear to the developer, which had slightly dozed off “.

Now, as reported by VGC , the game director has revealed that his next game will be “just as big” and may deviate from the teen horror genre .

Studio director Will Byles – who directed both of Supermassive’s major horror games – has confirmed his intention to continue creating large-scale narrative adventures of the same genre.

«I like the luxury of being able to really explore the characters, which you get with a longer story », explained Byles.

“Some people get annoyed, because they get bored, but I really like the fact that I can delve into characters and explore relationships in a way that is harder to bring into a shorter story.”

Speaking specifically about his next project, Byles said it will be equivalent in size to The Quarry but suggesting it may depart from the teen horror genre explored in its latest two releases. .

«We started work on the next game. I can’t tell you much about it, but we have started . Again this is the same horror genre, we stick to that. The dimensions are equivalent to those of The Quarry … and this is the best I can say without giving too much away “.

The author added: «I don’t know how far we can extend the teen horror genre further, as when we try to mix it up, the number of surprises that can be added becomes limited . What we’re doing now, and I can’t tell you exactly what it is, is a bit of a deviation from this kind of standard, but it’s still classic horror “.

Regarding the release, Byles announced: «No, it certainly won’t be the seven years it took between Until Dawn and The Quarry. I foresee in 2025, or perhaps at the latest in 2026 ».

Speaking of horror, another great classic is about to return: we’re talking about Alone in the Dark , the father of the whole genre.

But not only that: even another absolute big like Silent Hill could soon return to show itself, apparently during the month of September.

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