There are a ton of new The Witcher in the works: the announcement of CD Projekt

The future of the The Witcher saga in the world of video games promises to be very rich. To reveal it was none other than CD Projekt , the Polish company that brought Geralt of Rivia to videogame glory, which on Tuesday confirmed the work in progress on three new projects dedicated to the saga (one of which is a trilogy ) born from the pen of Andrzej Sapkowski (you can find his books on Amazon).

Through its official channels – here the full document – CD Projekt has made it known that it has three open fronts on the franchise . One is what we had already discovered some time ago, the beginning of a new trilogy. The other two, however, are all to be discovered.

Project Polaris

It’s the game that was confirmed earlier, so the company was quick to say it was the beginning of a new saga and not The Witcher 4 . Also in this case it is confirmed that we are talking about the “beginning of a new trilogy of The Witcher”, so we can expect two more titles to follow.

CD Projekt announces that all three games will be released within six years of release of the first , so it seems reasonable to expect a release every two years for this new trilogy.

At the moment the works are in pre-production phase , but we already know that the first game, Project Polaris , will be built internally by CD Projekt RED and over 150 people are already working on it.

The known details, in summary, are the following:

  • First chapter of a new The Witcher
  • trilogy

  • The three games in the trilogy should all be released within six years of the first
  • Developed by CD Projekt RED, involving over 150 people already
  • Currently in pre-production.

Project Sirius

The second project unveiled by CD Projekt is Project Sirius . This too will be a game set in the world of The Witcher and promises a unique take on the saga, with a story waiting to be discovered.

In the description of the authors:

“An innovative approach to the The Witcher universe that tells an unforgettable story for existing The Witcher fans and new audiences”.

Among the details, it is confirmed that the game will be developed by The Molasses Flood , with the support of CD Projekt RED. It currently involves over 60 people and is in pre-production .

Project Canis Majoris

Finally, Project Canis Majoris is presented as a story-driven open world RPG itself set in the universe of The Witcher .

In this case the details are hidden, but we know that it will be done externally by a third party studio made up of veterans who worked on The Witcher in the past.

Apparently, in short, with the Geralt of Rivia trilogy closed there are still many stories to discover in the videogame universe of The Witcher . And the success of the Netflix series, itself ubiquitous in anticipation of season 3, will go hand in hand with the video game franchise.

We’ll see when we find out more. For now, fans of the Continent can sleep peacefully: the witchers haven’t given up on video games at all.

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