The worst Xbox Series X|S games of 2022: the ranking

It would be easy to put together the rankings made only of joys, ringing the best video games of a given period. On the other hand, it is more complicated to look back over the year to remember which were the worst video games of 2022. A few days ago, we put together the curious ranking for PS5 owners and, today, under the Christmas tree, here’s also the one of the worst games of the year released on Xbox Series X|S (find the S on Amazon, if you want to give yourself a late December gift).

The ranking is based on the average score obtained by these games in reviews from all over the world, as shown by the well-known aggregator Metacritic. Obviously, the rating indicated is that of the Xbox version of the game mentioned – which in some cases may soon have significantly different ratings on other platforms.

There are certainly some names that surprise, such as that of Sonic Frontiers, with others – such as Gungrave GORE and Crossfire X – of which it was easier to predict the presence in this chart.

Let’s see the outcome of the ranking of the worst games of the year on Xbox

It is positive, however, that even with a top 10 list it is not possible to indicate only games below the sufficient: it means that in any case 2022 has offered us games that are largely approachable, even if they can be improved, with a few disappointing exceptions.

Below we offer you the complete top (flop?) 10. If instead you are looking for the top and flops of the year discussed by our editorial staff, here you will find the article that retraces all the best and worst of 2022 in our opinion.

The worst games of 2022 on Xbox Series X|S

  1. Crossfire X – 38/100
  2. The Last Oricru – 50/100
  3. Dragon Ball: The Breakers – 54/100
  4. Gungrave GORE – 56/100
  5. MX vs. ATV Legends – 56/100
  6. Dolmen – 57/100
  7. Matchpoint: Tennis Championships – 59/100
  8. Sonic Frontiers – 61/100
  9. Vampire: The Masquerade Swansong – 62/100
  10. Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires – 64/100

It was Crossfire X, which, as you can see, has a very low average grade even compared to the other titles that reached the podium.

We’ll see how this ranking will compose in 2023, in the hope that there are even fewer games that deserve an inadequacy. As always, we at will follow the releases of the year very closely, so let’s get ready to find out together!

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